Seffiline workshop @SIES2024

So, we are here in Paris at the IMCAS congress to present the Seffiline workshop that will be held at SIES in Bologna. It’s going to be me and Alessandro. We will talk about something quite innovative, about Radiesse, calcium hydroxyapatite, which we know the characteristics they give in the field of both collagen stimulation, skin texture improvement, associated with autologous regenerative therapy, which Alessandro we know among the most important in the world. What are we going to do in that workshop?

First of all, it’s a great pleasure to do the workshop together with Fabrizio because with him we have pursued this Seffiller and Radiesse protocol. By now, autologous regenerative therapy is the lion’s share of the field of aesthetic medicine and the combination with high-tech fillers such as Radiesse allows you to truly obtain extremely effective, safe, and natural results. And this is very important for us because it is our work philosophy, but we don’t want to anticipate anything because it will be a live treatment that I will do together with Fabrizio. Don’t miss this workshop. In Bologna!

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