Endoscopic Face Lift. MIVEL (Minimal Incisions Vertical Endoscopic Lifting)

MIVEL is not a simply face lift but a rejuvenation procedure using minimal minimal incisions.
MIVEL is a rejuvenation procedure that is suitable not only for aged patients but also for younger patients: endoscopic technique permits the rejuvenation of the face though minimal incisions, reducing recovery and draw backs. endoscopic face lift

The philosophy of this procedure is not lift the skin, but repositioning the deep tissue, restoring volume and regenerate the skin. Our mission is not to change but rejuvenate the face: our patients are not transformed but ONLY rejuvenate.

It’s a matter of fact that the aging process involves more and more the glance and central part of the face: MIVEL acts in this area repositioning, restoring and regenerate the tissue not “pulling” the skin laterally as other techniques perform.

The procedure

endoscopic cam

MIVEL procedure is performed by endoscopic equipment: with a very thin camera (it’s thinner than a pen!) the surgeon can visualize the anatomical structures and reposition them trough minimal incisions.

After reposition the tissue surgeon proceeds to restore and regenerate tissue by injection of autologous adipose tissue and ADSC (adipose derived stem cells).

seffiThis technique is called SEFFI (superficial enhanced fluid fat injection). This fat is harvested by the patient though a very thin cannula (2 mm with holes of 0.5 mm) in local anesthesia.

The Procedure is performed in local or general anesthesia and the patients can return home in the same day of surgery.

After surgery

In the days after surgery the patient has to follow the surgeon’s prescription. Some swelling and bruises can occur and the patient had to avoid sun exposure until they disappear. Usually the patient can return at work in 7-10 days. The best result will be in 20 days.