Foxy Eye and Mivel at IMCAS 2024 Paris

Today I am speaking to you from Paris, from the IMCAS World Congress of Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine. What am I talking to you about? I’m talking to you about Foxy eye, the elongation of the eye, the opening of the gaze, improvement of the upper third of the face. Well, together with the world’s leading experts on the subject, it has now been defined how endoscopic surgery is the reference surgery and technique for this type of surgery.

I was the first to introduce endoscopic surgery in Italy, and I standardized and published the MIVEL technique, Minimal Incision Vertical Endoscopic Lifting, precisely for the treatment of the upper third through the endoscopic technique. Why is the endoscopic technique the reference technique? Through endoscopy, we don’t only do a minimally invasive surgery because we enter through small incisions in the middle of the hair, but because through endoscopy, we can precisely, safely, and effectively mobilize the entire anatomical compartment of the periocular region. The MIVEL surgery is a procedure that is performed, as I said, endoscopically, under sedation, there is no need for general anesthesia, and it can be a procedure performed in a hospital in just one day.

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