A necklift, also called a cervical lift, is a surgery that can be performed as a single procedure or in combination with other procedures for rejuvenating the face such as lifting R3, MIVEL, SEFFI and blepharoplasty. A necklift aims to restore tension not so much and not only to the skin but above all to the muscle that determines the aged appearance of the neck, the platysma muscle. Through small periauricular scars, we insert “artificial ligaments”, which, by returning tension to the platysma muscle, restore a youthful appearance to the neck. This procedure is adapted to both men and women and is usually performed on patients from 45 to 55 years old.

What happens in a necklift procedure?
By means of an infiltration of local anesthetic, the surgeon performs a delicate dissection of the skin from the muscle. A sling is positioned on the platysma muscle and is placed under tension and sutured behind the ears. Only the skin in excess is removed and an aesthetic suture is made.
Usually, no medication other than a careful disinfection of the surgical wound is necessary. The procedure can be performed either with an assisted local anesthesia or under general anesthesia. Usually, one night’s hospitalization in the clinic is advised.

After how much time can one return to their social life?
After release the patient has no medication on the wound, therefore there is no particular evidence of the procedure. After about 2 weeks the stitches are removed and it is possible to return to normal occupations.

Advise for necklift
It is advisable to associate a necklift with stem cell implants using the SEFFI technique in the rest of the face in order to promote an overall regeneration of the skin and not limited only to the area where rejuvenation of the neck was performed.


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