Foxy Eyes

MIVEL Endoscopic Eye Lift:
The Journey to Foxy Eyes

What is the MIVEL endoscopic eye lift
The MIVEL technique stands for Minimal Incisions Vertical Endoscopic Lifting: I have standardized and published this technique in the most important scientific journals in the world; already in 2009 in the Brazilian journal, I presented my vision on endoscopic facial rejuvenation.

Subsequently, I published many other articles in important International Scientific Journals:

I am the author of the book AESTHETIC ENDOSURGERY OF THE FACE:

Subsequently, I published as an author and co-author numerous chapters on facial aesthetic surgery in International Scientific Books:

I was the first to introduce this technique in Italy, and today it is undoubtedly the reference technique for improving the look and shape of the eyes known as Foxy Eyes or Cat Eyes or Ponytail facelift.



What is MIVEL Endoscopic Lifting

The endoscopic eye lift is a minimally invasive surgical technique that aims to lift the eyebrow, predominantly on the side, “elongate” the eye, and naturally and stably lift the cheeks and zygoma over time.

The result is to give a fresher and more rested appearance and makes the look naturally more attractive, sensual, and seductive.

Why the MIVEL endoscopic technique for FoxyEyes?

1. It is a minimally invasive technique: it requires small incisions among the hair, thus reducing recovery times and practically leaving no visible scars.

2. Natural Results: targeted lifting of anatomical structures to maintain natural expression without the unnatural effects of skin traction.

3. Duration: long-lasting results that maintain a youthful look over time as the improvement is not entrusted to the skin, which being elastic over time relaxes, but to the repositioning of deep structures.

4. Safe: as the surgeon can operate more precisely and safely through endoscopy.

How is MIVEL performed?

The MIVEL technique is based on the use of endoscopic instruments that allow the surgeon to operate with precision and control. After careful local anesthesia, small incisions hidden among the hair are made, through which the endoscope is introduced. The surgeon then proceeds to lift the periocular tissues, creating the desired eye effect and using standardized MIVEL technique fixation points.

MIVEL is an absolutely personalized technique

Dr. Gennai will evaluate your face and after a careful study will set a personalized surgical program evaluating the type of dissection and fixation. He may consider combining other simultaneous interventions such as SEFFILLER regenerative therapy, MINI MANDIBULAR LIFT, NECK LIFT with NAL technique, BLEPHAROPLASTY, etc.

All surgery is strictly PERSONALIZED

Who is the ideal candidate for the FOXY EYES -MIVEL technique?

It doesn’t depend on age, but on the condition of the look: the ideal candidates are patients who wish to rejuvenate a look that has “faded” over time or even young patients who desire a more attractive and sensual look.

The results of the endoscopic lift are manifested with a more open, rested look and an elongated and sensual eye.

Harmony of the face is always maintained, significantly improving the quality of the look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is general anesthesia necessary?
No, sedation is usually sufficient; the surgeon, together with the anesthesiologist, will evaluate on a case-by-case basis.

Is hospitalization required?
Usually, the procedure can be performed on a day hospital basis.

How soon can one return to social life?
Usually, a bandage must be worn on the forehead for 4-5 days, bruising can last for 7-10 days, sutures are removed after 7-9 days so typically the return to social life is after 10-14 days.

Is the procedure painful?
Usually not; painkillers will be prescribed as needed for the first 48 hours.

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