Rhinoplasty – Nose Lift

Every year thousands of people in the world decide to improve the appearance or functionality of their noses with rhinoplasty or rhino-septoplasty. The nose is the most evident part of your face, second only to the eyes. Its form and size can be the principal characteristic of your face. Some people desire a different form or size, others want to fix damage caused by accidents, others just wish to breath better. If you have ever asked yourself how a rhinoplasty procedure could improve your appearance, your safety or respiration, request a consultation with a plastic surgeon, who will be able to help you and even offer the aid of a computerized processing of profile.

Nose Lift (Rhinoplasty)

When speaking of a rhinoplasty procedure often we think of problems of aesthetics or those caused by a congenitally determined malfunctioning (defects present from birth) or those caused by traumas (defects created by traumas to the nose), but not seldom we speak of defects due to the aging of the nose.
The nose, along with the rest of the face, is subject to true and proper aging that is manifested in a thickening of the skin and a weakening of the cartilages that cause the point of the nose to sink, accentuating the aged appearance of the face. In animated cartoons, we are always shown old witches and wizards, whose large aquiline noses have descending points: this is because the aging process of the face also involves the aesthetics of the nose.
To rejuvenate the face means to rejuvenate the nose as well and, in any case, a rhinoplasty procedure often helps to give a more youthful appearance to the whole face.

In a rhinoplasty procedure of rejuvenation, treatment of the skin through radio frequency, as well as improvement and reinforcement of the internal cartilaginous structures, are required in order to restore tone to the point of the nose and to return it to the position it had in youth.
Such a procedure is often less invasive than a classic rhinoplasty procedure in that it doesn’t require treating the bony part of the nose. A rhinoplasty procedure of rejuvenation using local anesthesia can be performed in Day Hospital. Such a procedure is often associated with an endoscopic lifting procedure (MIVEL) and with adipose tissue and stem cell implants (lipofilling SEFFI).

What happens during the rhinoplasty consultation?
The ideal nose varies from face to face and depends on the skin type, ethnic group, age, and other variables. During the initial aesthetic consultation, the surgeon will ask you what you don’t like about your nose, about your expectations and he will explain the probable success of the procedure. You will be shown before and after procedure photos of patients with noses similar to yours and the techniques to be used will be explained to you. Photos of your nose will be made and processed by computer imaging. In some cases, small corrections of the chin and of the cheekbones can help to harmonize your face.

What happens in a rhinoplasty procedure?
Rhinoplasty is remodeling of the nose. It can be performed on men as well as on women, with local or general anesthesia. Generally, the procedure lasts one or two hours, even though more time may be required for a more complicated procedure. Most of the incisions are made inside the nose. The skin, bones, and cartilage are modeled by the surgeon to give them the new form you desire.

What happens after a rhinoplasty procedure?

Many patients, who have undergone a rhinoplasty procedure, return to their activity after a few days. The medication consists of a small guard on the bridge of the nose and internal swabs are no longer required. After two months the nose is perfectly stable and you might forget to have undergone a rhinoplasty procedure if not for the improvement in the appearance of your face.

Photos before and after a rhinoplasty procedure. Real cases performed by Dr. Alessandro Gennai
The ideal nose varies from face to face and depends on the skin type, ethnic group, age, and other variables. This is why there does not exist one rhinoplasty equally adapted to all noses, but each procedure is tailored for a specific face.

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