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Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon Extraordinaire

Dr. Alessandro Gennai is an internationally renowned reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgeon who has dedicated his life to providing exceptional, state of the art, and precision medical care to persons throughout the world (“Alessandro Gennai Surgeon – Official English Website”, 2018). His reputation is outstanding and testifies to his combination of astute natural awareness of beauty, proportion, symmetry and aesthetics, impeccable skills and talents as a surgeon, uncanny dedication to his patients, and unwavering support of and contribution to his field of practice and research. The following details Dr. Gennai’s education and background, prestigious career, associations and memberships, and a sampling of his many accolades.

Education, Background, and Influences

Dr. Gennai began his career by attending the University of Modena, Italy where he graduated cum laud in the Doctor of Medicine and Surgery Program in 1988 (Gennai Surgery, 2018). According to his Curriculum Vitae (2018), he remained at the University of Modena to complete his General Surgery residency. He graduated from his residency program 1994, once again receiving accolades for his work and scholarship and graduating cum laud. During his tenure in the residency program, Dr. Gennai also worked at the Military Hospital of Padova where he served as a Medical Officer within the Surgery department of his unit. While serving in his position, he provided extraordinary service to many service personnel in need of complex surgical procedures for facial and body reconstruction. (Gennai Surgery, 2018)

While completing his General Surgery residency at the University of Modena, Dr. Gennai attended the highly-acclaimed International School of Aesthetic Medicine located at in Rome, Italy at the ‘Fatebenefratelli’ Foundation (Gennai Surgery, 2018). Some of the best and most talented aesthetic and reconstructive surgeons of the world are alumni from this program, highlighting the exceptional quality of the program (“International School of Aesthetic Medicine – La Medicina”, 2018; “SIME – La Medicina”, 2018). Once more, Dr. Gennai’s performance was praiseworthy and, in 1994, he graduated cum laude from the program (Gennai Surgery, 2018).

Five years later, Dr. Gennai was recognized as a brilliant surgeon and, therefore, was gifted a private fellowship to attend the internationally recognized Isse Institute, located in Los Angeles (Gennai Surgery, 2018). The Isse Institutes has received countless awards and recognitions for its excellent offerings and technology-driven procedures which incorporate the latest and best findings and innovations in aesthetic and cosmetic surgery (“The Isse Institute for Cosmetic Surgery | Orange County”, 2018). While there, he studied under Professor Nicanor Isse, who was the pioneer of the now commonly used endoscopic technique for facial reconstructive and plastic surgery (Isse, 1994; Isse, 2008). Under Professor Isse’s tutelage, Dr. Gennai learned the latest and best practices and techniques within his respective fields. Again, as a resident, he graduated from his program cum laud. Overall, his education and background are unparalleled. It is evident that he has taken the initiative to remain current within his field and to learn special techniques despite their challenges.

Career Highlights

The majority of Dr. Gennai’s career has been spent in private practice, and today he has a well-established and technology-driven office located in Bologna, Italy. His website notes that, at the current time, he practices exclusively in Italy. This caveat is required due to the numerous clients who are willing to pay for him to travel to their homeland to conduct surgeries (“Alessandro Gennai Surgeon – Official english website”, 2018). At his practice, Dr. Gennai performs a wide-range of procedures and operations, to include but not limited to, neck lift, S.E.F.F.I. and MicroS.E.F.F.I. (superficial enhanced fluid fat injections), M.I.V.E.L. (Minimal Incisions Vertical Endoscopic Lifting) breast surgery, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and body contouring. However, his most renowned operation is endoscopic facial lifting (MIVEL) , which is the main reason people travel from all over the world to receive his services. (“Alessandro Gennai Surgeon – Official English Website”, 2018)

Dr. Gennai used his time in Los Angeles to master both the practical and theoretical techniques and skills required to excel in facial surgery techniques involving endoscopy. He has since mastered the field of facial endoscopic surgery and proven himself to be one of the best practitioners in the world (as evidence by the number of out-of-country patients who travel to his clinic each year to have procedures performed). Moreover, he invented the highly-acclaimed technique known as Minimal Incisions Vertical Endoscopic Lifting (M.I.V.E.L.) (Gennai et al., 2013). His accomplishments were published in several journals to include Cirurgia Plastica IberoLatino Americana (2009) and Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (OPRS), the most exclusive cosmetic and reconstructive surgery journal in North America.

During his career, Dr. Gennai has also contributed significantly to his field through his astonishing research. One of his most notable contributions has been to the studies involving the use of stem cells which originate in adipose tissue for specific surgeries regarding regeneration and rejuvenation of human tissue. A result of his work is the development of the complex but effective Superficial Enhanced Fluid Fat Injection (S.E.F.F.I) (Gennai et al., 2015), and the related Micro S.E.F.F.I. (Gennai et al., 2016). These revolutionary techniques are performed in his clinic and have received positive reviews from his peers and clients (Coleman & Grover, 2006). The results of his research on these techniques were published in both the Aesthetic Surgery Journal (ASJ) and the JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery Journal, both of which are regarded as A-Grade, peer-reviewed journals in their fields. According to Gennai and Bernardini (2015), the S.E.F.F.I. technique helps to restore skin and reverse the signs of aging through restoring volume and promoting tissue restoration. The technique was evaluated based on three parameters: loss of volume, cutaneous ageing, and tissue descent; the results showed that the technique helped to improve all three of these areas. The procedure has been recognized as exceptional within he facial surgery community because it is less invasive than the traditional procedures and has extraordinary results. Regarding facial rejuvenation procedure Dr. Gennai developed and published an original technique for minimal invasive neck rejuvenation NAL (Neck Artificial Ligament lift ): this technique was published on the European one of the most relevant European Journal of Plastic Surgery on the 2018 ( EJPS 2018).

In addition to his clinic accomplishments, Dr. Gennai has given back to the greater medical community through his teaching, lecturing, speaking, and mentoring engagements and projects. He has presented his research and taught in both national and international environments. Currently, he holds a professorship at the University of Camerino and Torino, Italy, where he teaches his non-invasive facial surgical techniques to new and surgeons alike. His publications include more than 25 scientific reviews found in esteemed international and national journals. Dr. Gennai has also authored 9 scientific texts both on his own and in collaboration with his peers, all of which were published by reputable printing presses from Universities and internationally respected academies. (“Alessandro Gennai Surgeon – Official English Website”, 2018)

Associations and Memberships

Dr. Gennai has an immaculate reputation with his peers within the greater cosmetic and reconstructive surgical communities and has remained current on his memberships to professional organizations. At the present and in the past, he has been a member of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS) and the Associazione Italiana Chirurgia Plastica ed Estetica (AICPE). The former’s mission is “to facilitate and contribute to the creation of a body of duly qualified surgeons in plastic and reconstructive surgery of the face and neck” and all members are either facial reconstructive or plastic surgeons (“The European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery”, 2018). The association boasts an international membership base. The latter was founded in 2011 with the expressed purpose of overcoming the gap in Italian societies associated with cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgeries, and Dr. Gennai was a founding member (Associazione Italiana di Chirurgia Plastica Estetica, 2018). He continues to sit on these boards and contribute to their development and forwarding of the field of cosmetic surgery and facial reconstruction.

Moreover, he holds membership on both the Società Italiana Chirurgia Plastica Ricostruttiva ed Estetica (SICPRE) and GTVER (Gruppo TrivenetoRomagnolo di Chirurgia Plastica). These, too, are prestigious associations which testify to his standing among his peers and dedication to advancing his field of study (Association – AICPE – Associazione Italiana di Chirurgia Plastica Estetica, 2018). These are non-paid positions which he dedicates his talents towards making better.

In addition to his professional memberships, Dr. Gennai dedicates his time and service to educational boards. In 2017, he served on the Educational Board of EAFPS European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. The following year, he was elected to the Scientific Board of Italian Journal of Aesthetic Medicine. These non-paid, pro-bono positions emphasize his outstanding character and willingness to give back to the community he serves. (“Alessandro Gennai Surgeon – Official English website”, 2018) Without a doubt, he has added greatly to his field and shared his talents and skillsets with the rest of the community of medical professionals.

Accolades and Miscellaneous Credentials

A comprehensive list of Dr. Gennai’s accolades and accomplishments is simply not feasible; however, three stand out as particularly exceptional. First, he was chosen to present at the premiere International Congress SIES in both 2016 and 2017. There, in front of the world’s most renowned, accomplished, and skilled cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons, Dr. Gennai presented his research and findings on the surgical procedures which he pioneered (Gennai Surgery, 2018). Second, he was extended an invitation to serve as a visiting professor at the University of Camerino and Torino where he taught students studying in the International Master in Aesthetic Medicine and Aesthetic Therapy program. While there, he shared his knowledge, research, and insight with aspiring surgeons, and worked with some of the most acclaimed scholars in medicine and aesthetics (Gennai Surgery, 2018). Third, he has been selected to appear on numerous documentaries, educational videos, and television programs because of his innovative techniques and exceptional skills. He has graciously given his time to many news outlets, education-based television initiatives, and even investigative journalists wanting to explore the best and most promising technologies for facial reconstruction and plastic surgery (“Alessandro Gennai Surgeon – Official English website”, 2018).


After exploring the dynamic, comprehensive, multifaceted, and impressive career of Dr. Gennai, it is inarguably the case that he has earned his reputation for being one of the leading cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons in the world. He has graciously chosen to share his talents and knowledge with the greater global community and traveled all over the world to present his research, lecture, teach, coach, and mentor. His research advancements are remarkable and have revolutionized cosmetic surgery both in Italy and abroad. Dr. Gennai stands out as an exceptional surgeon, scholar, researcher, teacher, and steward to the medical community. His contributions cannot be overstated because they have forwarded the profession extensively.


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