I’m an Italian plastic surgeon. I am a member of the Italian Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery and member of the European Academy of Plastic Surgery. Moreover, I’m a lecture professor of the University of Camerino and Turin. In my career, I focus my interest in the minimally invasive surgery – aesthetic surgery. I believe that this kind of surgery – the minimally invasive, is an effective surgery, is long-lasting surgery, and very very quick recovery of the patient.

In my career, I focus my interest in the study of the regenerative medicine or the regenerative therapy. The regenerative therapy is extremely important and a thing that heeds the present and the future of the aesthetic medicine and surgery.

When I was a child, my father was a family doctor and for me, my dream was to be a doctor too. Stem cells is very incredible tiny cells that stay inside our body and is extremely interesting to study these tiny cells because these tiny cells has the property to transform an adult cell and heal a lot of tissue and regenerate the tissue.

In 2015, I published my noble technique, SEFFI, Superficial Enhanced Fluid Fat Injection. This technique is for facial rejuvenation – facial regenerative rejuvenation using the stem cells from the adipose tissue.

These tiny cells has the incredible property to transform an adult cell and to regenerate the tissue. This is very important. It changed the paradigm and the way to rejuvenate the face. And now we can say that now with the stem cells, we can do regenerative face lifting.

The difference between my technique and the other technique is in the respect of the tissue. In the other published technique, they use a bigger cannula and bigger devices to harvest the tissue.

In my technique, I use a very special cannula, super thin, with very small size or hole, and so we are going to harvest the tissue and the tissue doesn’t need to be manipulated before we inject to the patient.

The other important thing is in my technique, I can harvest 3 kinds of tissue, different in fluidity, in cellularity, and this is possible to use in all the face without any risk of lumpiness and visibility of the engrafted tissue.

This is extremely important because with my technique, I can treat very particular area of the face. For example, the periocular area that is a very delicate area or perioral area. And you can inject this tissue very superficial and so you can have the best regenerative therapy.

The first factor involved in facial aging is the loss of volume. The second is the aging of the tissue and the third is the descent of the tissue. But a lot of times, the descent of the tissue comes from the loss of volume.

It’s possible to apply in different area of the body of course when you need to regenerate the tissue. Of course, the most important area is the face, but you can regenerate the tissue of the neck, of the décolleté, of the hands, any where.

Wherever you need to rejuvenate and restore the tissue, you can use this kind of technique.

The Italian renaissance of art and harmony of course influenced the concept of the beauty. For us – for Italians, I think that for this kind of sensibility, I like the very natural result, never over treatment, the concept that you have to rejuvenate your patient but not transform your patient.

The Center deals with regenerative medicine by using the SEFFI and MicroSEFFI Techniques that are published in international journals.

Professor Alessandro Gennai is the scientific director and Dr. Gary Merlino and Dr. Francesca Gallarello look after the operational aspects of the institute.

Prof. Alessandro Gennai

Dr. Gary Merlino


Join us for a private VIP event at Saks Brickell City Centre as we celebrate the launch of an exciting venture in anti-aging and facial rejuvenation, with the world-renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Alessandro Gennai from Bologna, Italy.

Thursday, September 13th 2018, 6PM-9PM
Cocktails and Fashion
Saks Fifth Avenue Second Floor Mall Entrance
Brickell City Centre 81 SW 8th Street, Miami FL 33130 / text 954-778-4001 or email

Dr. Alessandro Gennai is licensed to practice in Italy. In the US, he serves as an educator and consultant to the Gennai Stem Cell Institute.

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