Neck lift? You need the one customized for you!

The procedure of neck lift is highly individualized, making it pointless to discuss a general neck lift due to the absence of a universal solution. The reason for this lies in the fact that every person has different neck structures and unique issues related to their neck. For example, some individuals may primarily experience muscle laxity in the lower part of the neck, leading to the formation of long platysmal bands. On the contrary, others may face relaxation in the upper neck and along the jawline, resulting in the development of folds. Additionally, there may be cases where small fat deposits exist beneath the neck or on the sides. In such situations, simply repositioning muscles and tightening the skin may prove to be inadequate. It becomes essential to utilize a refined radiofrequency technique to sculpt the fatty areas. Consequently, the neck lift is an exceptionally precise and personalized procedure, as previously mentioned. To determine the specifics of your particular neck lift, a consultation is necessary. The procedure itself is conducted in a clinical setting under surgical conditions and delivers aesthetically pleasing, natural, and long-lasting results.

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