What techniques do I use for facelifts?

Asking me which technique I use for a facelift is similar to asking a painter about the colors used for a portrait. The approach employed depends on the unique features of the individual’s face, just as it does for the specific type of portrait being painted. I have developed three main “colors” for performing facelifts, which are standardized techniques that I have published. These techniques include the (1) Mivel technique, an endoscopic lifting approach, (2) the Seffiller regenerative technique to rejuvenate the central facial area, and (3) the NAL neck lift technique, primarily focusing on restoring muscle tone and defining the jawline. However, it is important to note that these three procedures encompass various nuances and variations that are specific to each individual’s face. When creating a facelift plan, there are several subtleties and differences to consider, such as the specific endoscopy methods used, the extent of the procedure, the fixation systems utilized, and their precise placement. Similarly, regenerative techniques involve careful consideration of the location and depth at which regenerative agents are placed. The neck lift procedure also entails determining the extent of dissection and specific points of traction. Therefore, it is crucial to remember that each facelift procedure is entirely personalized, just like the selection of colors for a portrait.


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