Eye Frame Course – Barcelona 23-24.11.2013

EF2013La chirurgia estetica dello sguardo o della cornice oculare (Eye Frame) ha un ruolo centrale nell’estetica di tutto il viso.

Questo corso didattico per tutti i medici interessati alla estetica del viso offre la possibilità di avere una esperienza diretta hands-on sulla chirurgia endoscopica (tecnica MIVEL), lipofilling e follerà commerciali supervisionati da esperti e leaders in questo campo.

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Dear colleague and friend,
Traditional face lifts are related to scarce improvements in the most important anatomical area; the eye frame. Moreover the traditional techniques are associated with high morbidity and a long convalesce period, exact the opposite of what our patients are looking for.

Endoscopic temporal lifts allows to improve the critical area within the face, in a safe,
natural and controlled manner, extending its potential use to young patients,
whom would never go on a traditional lift.

A common tendency among aesthetic surgeons is to reject the use of the endoscope because of lack of training, patience or economic reasons, without taking into consideration patient’s preferences, and the importance of adverse events prevention.

Eye frame course is an attempt to analyze the aesthetic problems around the orbit through a highly recognized multispecialty faculty, with lectures and of course cadaver dissection.

Dr. Alessandro Gennai, the precursor of endoscopic facelift in Italy, is going to explain us his technique in detail and how to achieve natural, long lasting results.

Dr. Francesco Bernardini, one of the best oculoplastic surgeons in Europe, will show us the pitfalls of the blepharoplasties and how to get out of trouble.

Finally, I will try to give you some tips regarding the use of fat in the difficult periocular region and how to avoid irregularities and complications.

2 day of lectures and intense training that will expand your facial surgery repertoire, in the beautiful setting of Barcellona, see you in the venue!!!
Dr. Sebastian Torres – Course Director


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