R3 Facial Rejuvenation. Minimal Incisions Vertical Endoscopic Lifting

Alessandro Gennai, Francesco Pietro Bernardini
Aesthetic Medicine, Volume 1 • Number 21 • July-Septembr 2015

The Authors aimed at analysing the prominent factors in the facial ageing process in order to define the best procedure for noticeable, natural and long- lasting results.
The Authors have defined the population that most requests facial rejuvenation (women in the 45-55 years age range) as well as the areas of the face most targeted by the ageing process (the periocular, malar, zygomatic and perioral zones) and its factors (volume loss, cutaneous ageing, tissues descent).
Upon the previous considerations, the Authors have standardised a method which aims at correcting the main causes of ageing through volumes restoration and tissues regeneration thanks to the S.E.F.F.I. technique (Superficial Enhanced Fluid Fat Injection) and tissue repositioning which is obtained by the M.I.V.E.L. technique (Minimal Incisions Vertical Endoscopic Lifting). This method was acronymised into “R3” (Restoration, Regeneration, Repositioning).

Endoscopic plastic surgery, endoscopic facelift, endoscopic brow lift, fat graft, lipofilling


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